2021 December 5: Deep Cove to Seymour’s Pub

After a certain amount of confusion and car shuffling between the start and the Inter River end point, sixteen of us met at the entrance to the Cove Runner trail near Cliffwood and Cliffmont. We had just posed for our starting selfie when a mountain biker appeared and seemed about to plow through the group — fortunately, she had quick reflexes and a nasty incident was avoided.

The walk was made up of segments of various trails, with some last-minute adjustments necessary owing to our faster than usual pace. Glorious Leader Dave laid out various options at the start and made minor adjustments at a number of decision points.

We walked up to Indian River Drive and followed a path to the Mount Seymour Park entrance. After flirting briefly with Old Buck and Empress Bypass, we followed Fern Gully up to Bridle Path. This was an uphill stretch. We continued on Bridle Path to Hyannis Trail and walked along it to Powerline Trail.

The trail crossing at Mystery Creek was a perfect place for a snack break, along with some potentially slippery exploring by some members of the group.

We continued along Powerline and Mystery Creek trail to Fisherman Trail along the Seymour River. Here, we paused to survey the site of the December 2014 rock slide that resulted in the river flooding and Twin Bridge being removed.

We continued down Fisherman to the top of Riverside, where we joined the Baden Powell — crossing over the Seymour River on the pipe bridge and then ascending a steep set of stairs.

We continued ascending until we met Powerline and then followed that down to Lillooet Road. Some followed the road down to Seymour’s Pub and some walked through the cemetery to pick up cars and thence to the pub.

Ralph, Tina, Carol, and Sandy met us at the pub for a festive beverage and snack.

From Karina in the Netherlands

Jos and I were not able to go walking last Sunday so I’m sending some pictures of a seaside walk we did in November.  I was missing the ocean, so we drove to Ouddorp for a walk along the beach.  The Atlantic Ocean is not as picturesque as the Pacific and it’s a bit further away than the 1 km I used to live from the beach in White Rock — see map — but it was a really enjoyable day.

We had coffee at the Strandcafe de Zeester which you can see in one of the photos. Afterwards we went for drinks and dinner in Renesse: unfortunately no pictures of the excellent mussels I ate!

We are going to visit my Mom in Victoria for the holidays, with hopefully a very short quarantine period in Vancouver.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2022! Hugs,

Karina & Jos

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