2022 September 4: UBC to Kitsilano

We all knew that summer had to end sometime; we just didn’t expect it to end while we were walking.

This month’s segment of the “USA to Horseshoe Bay” walk began where last month’s segment ended: with 19 Loopers (among them two newcomers) gathering for the traditional starting selfie in front of Nobel Park at UBC, part of “the award-winning masterplanned community of Wesbrook Village” (a direct quote from the promotional copy at the website flogging The Residences at Nobel Park, a spiffy new Polygon development where “natural light is drawn in to highlight the quality of finishes and tasteful detailing, while air conditioning provides soothing comfort”).

Air conditioning was not necessary on this day, however: we started walking under overcast skies, threading our way across the UBC campus, past sights familiar from previous walks (the Reconciliation Pole; Székely Gate (aka Sopron Gate)) and sights less familiar (the fabulous blue whale skeleton at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum). By the time we reached the AMS Student Nest a vigorous rain was falling, and all who had umbrellas had deployed them.

Crossing Wesbrook Mall we continued east, entering Pacific Spirit Park on Spanish Trail. Turning north we crossed Chancellor Boulevard. and continued downhill along Salish Trail, to a decision point near NW Marine Drive. Here the group split into two, with one cohort (let’s call them Looper Group A) following Angela along the beach, the other following Jon along Admiralty Trail. The two groups met up again under the overhang at the Spanish Banks West Concession (closed), where snacks were consumed.

The last leg of our walk took us eastward along the shore, through Locarno and Jericho parks, into the exclusive, as-good-as-gated, community where Chip “Mr. Lulu” Wilson has his modest home. Afters began to beckon as we neared our endpoint (Trafalgar and Cornwall), with some going for coffee at JJ Bean, others to Darby’s Pub. And a good (if soggy) time was had by all!

Route map

Photos: Jon, Angela, Michael

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