2021 September 5: UBC

Seventeen Loopers met at Nobel Park on the UBC campus on a cool September morning. Jackets were shed as the day quickly warmed up, confirming Gord’s optimistic choice of attire.

We headed out on an urban trail just south of Wesbrook Village, following Acting Glorious Leader Jon. The route took us around the eastern part of the botanical gardens and then through the campus, passing many community gardens and buildings new to those who hadn’t been to UBC for a while. The campus is home to lots of public art and there were many stops of interest.

After meandering through the campus, we crossed NW Marine Drive to loop around Cecil Green Park House. Then we walked through some of the older residential streets on the University Endowment Lands and some of the newer residential areas around the old Theology building, now home to Economics. Finally, we walked through wooded trails to return to our starting point.


  • learned that the pointer on top of a sundial is called a gnomon;
  • admired the bird-friendly art on the windows of the Coop Café;
  • paused at the Psychology Building and at the Music Building so that two distinguished graduates could pose by the signs;
  • appreciated a bell tower and other art outside the Asian Centre;
  • noted two weddings in progress, one near Nitobe Garden and one in a clearing in the woods;
  • paused respectfully at the site of Fort Camp, scene of ancient bacchanalia;
  • visited Cecil Green House and took pictures of Loopers who had been married there;
  • read the mixed-up poems inscribed on stones between the Chan Centre and the Rose Garden;
  • were amazed at the amount of residential and other development;
  • cheered on the usual suspects who attacked the climbing frames we found;
  • bathed in the wooded trails of Pacific Spirit Park.

Afters were consumed at Biercraft and Doughgirls, depending upon whether beer/wine or coffee/tea was preferred. Others who were with us in spirit were Karina in Victoria, Carol and Sandy in Dawson City, and Dave at home.

Photos by Jon, Michael, Angela, Fred, Dave.

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