2021 August 1: Aldergrove Regional Park

Starting selfie

‘Twas a hot and dusty Sunday afternoon when fifteen (15) Loopers plus a dog (Ms Maisie) gathered for their August walk, at the Aldergrove Regional Park. Loopers came from all directions (correction: exclusively from the west) to participate. It is worth noting — and celebrating! — the fact that this was only the second time in many, many months that we’d been able to Loop together, in one large group. Several of our regular walkers were unable to make this month’s walk; you know who you are! We missed their company, and their conversation.

After posing for the traditional group selfie, we set off in a clockwise (or possibly a counterclockwise) direction, starting the first of what would prove to be four (4) loops, totalling approximately 11 km. Perhaps if we’d been paying closer attention to the signposts scattered along the way, we may have been able to reduce this to two (2) loops, and avoid a small amount of trail duplication, but there is a remarkable consistency to the scenery, and the terrain, in this particular park; apparently it takes a trained eye (and/or a keen sense of direction) to navigate the trails without a mishap. Nevertheless, despite a missed turn or two, we managed to maintain our clean safety record of zero Loopers lost.

Aldergrove Regional Park contains several scenic highlights, which were dutifully photographed by our brigade of trained photographers. Notable among them were: a peaceful stream known as Pepin Creek, crossed by a scenic bridge or two; a rolling grassland (which Maisie was prohibited from exploring), containing a scenic pond, fringed by scenic bulrushes; and a scenic viewpoint overlooking Aldergrove Bowl (apparently a former gravel pit, now attractively landscaped to soften its industrial heritage). After completing our first, and largest, Loop, we took a short lunch break on the tables at the Blacktail Picnic Shelter.

Perhaps the most memorable feature of this park was a large, virtually unscalable rock now nicknamed Mount Improbable, which many of us were tempted to try and ascend. Only one Looper, though, had the fortitude and the strength of character to make it to the top; we are now considering a petition to rename Mount Improbable as Fred’s Peak. A squadron of admiring Loopers assisted Fred in his descent.

Aldergrove Regional Park was chosen for this month’s walk because its location coordinated nicely with plans for what has become an annual Looper tradition: a post-walk BBQ at the home of Ralph, Tina and Maki. This brave trio once again hosted a splendid pot-luck BBQ in their back yard. Entertainment for the event was again provided by Larrie the Robotic Lawnmower, who worked diligently away at his assigned task while the rest of us relaxed. The famous Samurai Chef Jon once again presided at the grill. A variety of delicious salads, and impossible-to-resist desserts, were contributed by various Loopers to complete the feast. A huge thank you to our hosts, and to all who contributed, and assisted. A good time was had by all!

Photographs by: Jon; Liz; Angela; Michael; Larrie; Adrienne.

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