2023 March 5: Bowen Island

This morning 21 Loopers descended upon Horseshoe Bay.  One group arrived early enough for a hearty pre-hike breakfast at Troll’s.  Others gathered at Blenz Coffee for refreshments after a brisk pre-hike walk from the parking lot at the Gleneagles Community Centre.  (Loopers are prepared to go some distance to avoid paying for parking!)  After arriving at the ferry departure lounge, a head count confirmed all were present, and we boarded for the 20 minute ride to Bowen Island.  We were happy to observe sunshine on Mt. Gardner as the ferry approached Bowen Island.

After disembarking, the group assembled in front of the library for the traditional starting selfie.  From there we plunged into the woods, somewhat surprised but undeterred by the amount of snow on various portions of the trail.  A short way along the trail was a short diversion offering the option to descend and view the fish ladders and Bridal Veil Falls on Killarney Creek.  In standard Looper fashion warning signs were ignored in the interests of obtaining better views and photographs.

Pressing on through the woods, the group encountered some snowy and slippery sections before emerging into a meadow.  To one side was a large igloo which of course required significant inspection both inside and out. 

After crossing the meadow and a marshy area, we started a counter-clockwise loop around Killarney Lake.  The trail on the eastern side of the lake ascended and dropped several times.  Partway along there was a side path that led to a viewpoint above the lake.  By this point, in typical Looper fashion, the group had become split up and there was some confusion as to just who was where.  We regrouped on the boardwalk at the north end of the lake.

The walk down the west side of the lake was smoother, with less snow in evidence.  Halfway along was a rocky spit extending into the lake.  A sign recommended not swimming, but in any case the prevailing temperature was more of a deterrent than the “healthy populations of leeches” mentioned on the sign.

Post-hike refreshments were enjoyed at Doc Morgan’s Pub in Snug Cove.  We were fortunate to have the entire downstairs section of the place to ourselves.  The group split into two groups at a large and a small table.  Since the service at the smaller table was faster, they had time for dessert.  The key lime pie proved irresistible to virtually everyone at the table.

With a brief period available before the return ferry, some took the opportunity for shopping, others went for a stroll, and some took the opportunity to check out the free library by the ferry terminal.  Michael could not pass up some scientific pamphlets and should be an expert on the atom and evolution by our next outing.

Fortunately, all made it to the ferry in time for departure and we had a relaxing cruise back to Horseshoe Bay, with the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Photo credits to Angela, Dave, Michael, Fred, Jon, Adrienne, Diane, Bruce, Sandy

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