2022 April 3: Boundary Bay to Tsawwassen

This was a reversed and slightly modified version of Walk #22 in The Clapham Bible (aka Great Walks of Vancouver, Second Edition). We walked along the dykes of Boundary Bay, with a brief foray through the Beach Grove neighbourhood and the Centennial Beach park at the end.

There was car shuffling, allowing us to leave some cars at the Centennial Beach parking lot while starting the walk at the Delta Air Park.

Twenty people showed up in spite of the forecast, which was for rain and 40 kph winds. The wind was as advertised, but the rain held off until the last couple of kilometers. So it did not quite compare to the very wet and cold walk along the White Rock waterfront in November 2015, still held up as an example of Looper fortitude.

The first half of the walk had few distinguishing landscape features, although there were birds flying low (eagles, herons, and harriers) and ducks. We concentrated on walking briskly.

The second half of the walk gave us a surprisingly strong headwind. There were brief reprieves when we passed small clumps of trees, a structure that we hid behind for a while, and a hedge walling off the first residential street when we came off the dyke.

The second half brought more public and private art, large residences, and the Houweling greenhouses (mainly tomatoes, we understand). Additional sights included a coyote and some horses, and an eagles’ nest.

Ralph and Tina joined us at the Rose and Crown pub in the Tsawwassen Centre Mall (and kindly offered a ride service to limit the number of people who had to drive back to the air park). Everyone went to the pub and the server was slightly overwhelmed, but we all got our food and drink eventually and it was a lively group.

Photos: Angela, Fred, Jon, Liz, Michael, Sandy

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